Looking for a Beeketing alternative?

Did you search Google for “beeketing alternative”, “beeketing pricing”, or “beeketing shopify”? Are you looking for a social proof app alternative? Nudgify is a reliable Sales pop and Beeketing alternative.
  • Boost conversions and increase AOV
  • Reduce basket abandonment in seconds
  • Add to Shopify or WordPress with 1 click

Nudgify was built by CRO specialists to help businesses get more sales and sign-ups.

This app has excellent flexibility, other apps prove no match to amount of popups and what popups we need to show on which page. Good Support as well, Most recommended Nudge App for FOMO and social proof.
Mitesh Dave –
The Food Folks

Compare Nudgify vs Beeketing

See how Nudgify’s features and pricing make it a perfect Beeketing alternative

Nudgify Provely
2-minute self-install
Public live chat assistance
Available in 30 languages
Rated 4.5+ on Capterra
WordPress plugin
Google Reviews integration
Mailchimp integration
TrustPilot integration
Zapier integration
Social Proof notifications (hot streak, recent activity and sales pop)
Reviews notifications
Live visitors count notifications
FOMO and Urgency notifications (order soon and low stock)
Cart abandonment notifications (free delivery and warranty)
Create custom notifications
Form AutoCapture
Icon customization (Map, avatar,…)
Target specific pages or page groups
Custom rules & timing
Organise notifications by group of pages (Stream)
eCommerce notifications templates
Travel notifications templates
SaaS notifications templates
Fully integrated with Shopify
Rated 4.5+ on Shopify
10000+ Shopify installs
Plans & Pricing
Agency and Team management
Sub-accounts management
Dedicated support agent
Free installation
No credit card required
Free Trial
$9 plan, up to 10,000 visitors
$29 plan, 100,000 visitors
I’m glad I found Nudgify. There are many similar apps available, but most of them are very expensive, which is not profitable if you are just starting out. With Nudgify, I can start cheap for my site from scratch and hopefully grow quickly and upgrade my plans accordingly.
Rudolf –
A Nudgify User

A flexible Beeketing alternative

Instead of splitting our features into 8 separate apps, Nudgify combines a Social Proof App (Sales pop), FOMO Notifications, Urgency Nudges and Customer Review Nudges in one single package.

Nudgify provides templates and recommendations for every industry and shows you performance data as you go. That way, you always know which social proof notification (or Sales pop) to choose.

A Customer-Friendly Beeketing Alternative

Beeketing was built to “convert more visitors into revenue”. Nudgify was built to improve customer experiences, by showing visitors things they don’t usually get to see.

By making customer reviews and delivery details visible (reducing Friction on your site), Nudgify helps to earn you more returning customers.

The best software I’ve found! Helpful and fast customer service. Easy and fast setup. Friendly pricing.
Dávid Balog Farkas –
Open When

Compare Nudgify vs Beeketing

See how Nudgify’s features and pricing make it a perfect Beeketing alternative