Revision 2.0 Supplement Reviews: Is Revision 2.0 Really Good for You?


ReVision claims to be an innovative dietary supplement for eyesight, a solution that can help people enhance their vision.

The official website of this supplement claims that it can assist with more than only vision, as it can also boost brain function. It’s contents are potent when it comes to the brain and they are free from chemicals or fillers in their composition, states the ReVision official website.

What exactly is the Vision Supplement for ReVision 2.0?

For millennia, people have utilized supplements to help their eyes and brains stay healthy. Herbs and other types of alternative medicine are often mixed in order to find remedies to some of life’s toughest natural difficulties. Ginger root, as well as a number of barks and other substances, have been used in traditional Eastern medicine for centuries to aid the elderly in regaining cognitive function. In the Western medical tradition, these forms of therapies have not taken hold in any institutional sense.

However, it does not appear that this has had any negative impact on their level of popularity. Every year, hundreds, if not thousands, of new supplements hit the market with the promise of enhancing one’s sense of hearing, vision, and even cognition. It’s possible that the success of films like Limitless has piqued public interest in science fiction medical remedies that promise to improve our intelligence, perception, and even happiness. In actuality, it is always crucial that supplement consumers control their expectations correctly.

There is not a medicine on Earth (so far) that can make you into a genius overnight. Similarly, no vitamin can enable your eyes to restore the damage that they have suffered during decades of activity and daily usage. New studies and research on the brain and eyes, on the other hand, reveal that some formulations may help improve certain sorts of heart, eyes, and brain difficulties. Some vitamins, in particular, can unquestionably help improved eyesight, concentration, and memory.

The subject of today’s comprehensive supplement review is ReVision, a vision and memory support supplement which makes some very bombastic claims on its product website. The supplement’s makers believe that it can help with memory and concentration, enhance cell communication, and even enhance sensory awareness in general. When combined, these benefits might be life-changing. That’s why we left no stone unturned while preparing this truthful and honest assessment of everything having to do with ReVision.

Is ReVision the real deal, or is it simply another con that takes advantage of people’s desire for improved memory, concentration, and eyesight to make a quick buck? This review will answer some of the most significant questions customers are expressing about this very unusual solution.

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What Is the Process of Revision?

Many people say they have difficulty seeing well when watching television or even while driving. These motions actually impose a great deal of strain on their eyes. Even though they have tried various different supplements, ReVision still promises to help address this issue.

ReVision’s producers are asserting their product is the real deal and therefore, truly effective, also claimed to do much more than keeping the eyesight from failing and helping to heal the eyes harm that has already been done. This is because ReVision is promoted as containing all the most crucial natural elements proved by experts to maintain the eyesight healthy. Antioxidant properties, cell healing, and inflammation reduction are all attributes of these substances. That this vitamin can accomplish all of these things with just one daily dose is very astonishing. Therefore, 1 ReVision capsule is supposed to deliver numerous fantastic health advantages, especially for individuals who have to wear glasses or lenses and those who are feeling like they’re losing their eyesight. In addition to being free of gluten and GMOs, ReVision claims to be vegan as well.

Revision 2.0 Ingredients

Many health professionals are stating Nature can treat any sickness. This implies that ReVision, which is being touted as a 100 percent natural product, may actually give the health advantages it is claimed to be able to deliver in a natural manner. Plants and herbs have been used for hundreds of years to aid enhance eyesight, but it can be difficult to have a diet focused on them, since they would have to be ingested in great numbers, and this isn’t realistic. Instead, a nutritional supplement like ReVision may bundle and concentrate these nutrients. This formula has all the greatest substances demonstrated to enhance vision, ingredients that are present at the right concentrations, and ratios for only 1 capsule of ReVision to have to be taken once a day so that the formula’s contents are taking action. But here are its ingredients explained:


One of the key constituents of ReVision, Huperzine A, is produced from the Huperzia Serrata plant. Health professionals in China have been utilizing it for centuries since it helps to breakdown acetylcholine and increases memory and learning capacities.

The Alpha GPC

This additional particular component is derived from crushing soy and other plants. After entering the brain, Alpha GPC stimulates acetylcholine production, which, as previously stated, enhances memory and cognition.


A very complex element in ReVision, Phosphatidylserine maintains the brain healthy, increases memory and attention, as well as helping with focusing. It has been used for many years to treat Alzheimer’s and ADHD.


This amino acid keeps the mind awake and the body tranquil. Because of its structural resemblance to glutamate, it is well-known for its ability to alleviate anxiety. Anxiety is alleviated by glutamate, a neurotransmitter in the brain. Therefore, L-Theanine operates just like glutamate, not to mention it also enhances both memory and mood. In addition, it promotes GABA to be created, and the more GABA is available in the system, the calmer both the body and the mind grow to be.


Another protein-rich amino acid, this one. L-ability Tyrosine’s to boost memory and cognition is maximized when taken in the proper dosages. Dopamine, norepinephrine, and dopamine are all brain-healthy chemicals that L-Tyrosine helps to improve synthesis of. L-Tyrosine is also the amino acid that modulates the eyes’ natural colors.

Vitamins B Compounds

B vitamins are well-known for their role in supporting general well-being. They’re employed in ReVision because they boost the body’s synthesis of red blood cells and help the eyes and brain both function at their best.

Can I Purchase ReVision Somewhere?

Amazon, Walmart, pharmacies, and health stores do not carry ReVision. Distributing it in these areas would be prohibitively expensive, necessitating a rise in the supplement’s price. Instead, it may be acquired through its official website, where it comes at great, discounted pricing for now, as it follows:

  • For $69 and $7.95, you can get one bottle of ReVision. After ordering, the ReVision 2.0 bottle will arrive in 3 to 5 business days.
  • Revision 3-bottle set, offered for 15% off, so $177 per box + FREE delivery, making one ReVision 20 bottle just $59
  • 6-bottle box of Revision at a 30 percent discount, so $294 each package, which is $49 per bottle, FREE delivery as well


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